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I am so terribly sad to read about Graham's death. My condolences to his family.

Graham helped me so much in my search for information regarding my dad.

Thank you, Graham.
How very interesting!

Well done, Alan. Looking forward to finding out more.
Really interesting!

Was he a Toon supporter or not?
Thank you so much for telling us about your dad - please pass on my/our best wishes on his upcoming special birthday.

My dad's in a few photos but he was generally the one taking them - could be why your dad's not on any you've seen yet.

There may be 2 No.9 Commandos on this photo - dad's crouching with the dog.
How exciting! We'd love to know whatever you find out.

My dad (No.4) volunteered for everything but knew No.2 were after munitions experts for St Nazaire in '42 - he was assault team, later to fight with them at Salerno. I remember him agreeing with mam that that operation was looked on as a 'suicide mission'.

Good luck!
Thank you so much for sharing that with us - it's such a heartfelt tribute to your father and made me cry.

Don't beat yourself up about not having those words read out at your dad's funeral - we're all so much wiser with hindsight. You have done your dad proud by finding out so much about him and your love and admiration for him shines brightly.

My dad's oft-used saying was 'Such is life'. I learned quite a lot about his time with No.4 and No.2 (volunteered for Sicily and Salerno) when I was young and am so grateful to my parents for telling me. Little did they, or I, know that I would meet people they'd told me about - or their families.

I will return to this page and read it again ... probably many times. Thank you.
I've thoroughly enjoyed following this. Please let us know of anything else you find. Fascinating!

I've found the website - not the photos mentioned yet - but have started reading about D-Day. Thank you!
With regard to the leather jerkin, Blueboy, this is a very well-known French Commando. If the picture doesn't work just type Sergeant Louis Lanternier into Google or wherever.
If you have trouble locating a copy of The Beachhead Commandos give me a shout, Blueboy.

As Pete suggested - I found the above photo and it certainly looks like your dad.
How interesting and exciting!

I'm looking forward to seeing the replies you'll be getting - such knowledgeable people on here.
I love this place.
Thank you all so much. x
Great! Abebooks is always my first port of call.

I shall sort out the ones I no longer require and see what happens. It'll get me off Netflix for a while.
Great stuff - right up my street! Thank you.

I've got books I don't need - doubled up on some and ready to let some go. Would it be possible to swap or sell amongst this community? I'd much rather do this than go down the ebay route. Lots go to charity shops but some are too good/special to part with that way, not knowing who'll end up with them.
This is so interesting!

Wonderful research from all - well done. I look forward to hearing more.
So sad. Glad to know that he's remembered here.
RIP, Sir.
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