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Don't really like football, drew this the other night whilst match was on.
Just got a call from Jan, he got his fathers info from the address below, he was unable to send info electronically so here goes?

Ministeric Van Defensie
DCDI/SEMI Statische Archicfdiensten
Post Bus 7000
6760 NC Terkrade
The Netherlalds


Have contacted Jan Timmer, who's father Willem was in 10A will let you know if Jan has any info.

There is good reading in one of the replies on this forum.
Just for interest

I think that he may have been in X troop, I've read somewhere that members of X troop changed their names to a more British sounding names to avoid reprisals if they were captured. They were based in Aberdyfi. Is there any connection to Wales.
They were attached to many different units during their formation. And might have been known by their adopted nom de plume and reverted back after the war?

Hi Dan, is it possible for you to add the photos on this website, as I am not a member of ww2talk and do not have download authority on their web site.
How can i find out if Mike Calvert O/C or any other officers of 142 were on sick leave on or around 30th July 1942.
Hi Nick, I totally agree with your comments regrading 204 and SSD1 - 2.
Most of the information official and unofficial has been added on this site over the past few years. Any on line searches only provides the "Official" information?
As you know some of the information will not be released for a further 40 years, !Ouch still hot!
I still remember the reply I received, when I mentioned what (allegedly) some of 204s tasks involved.(Who told me, when was I told etc. etc.). I was honestly awaiting a knock on the door by hooded men, that's how strong I felt the reply I received.
There is a book The Lost Sons of Penycae written by Barry Jones.
Pete, i'm not sure but Ivor could be one of three Commando's pictured with Idris Jones, if so Andy Maines could possibly give you some info.
Have just looked at the photo, but Ivor was not amongst the three, sorry.
Try this:-

Good luck?????
These are the headlines in the press in recent days, having recently purchased The First Casualty by Ricky D Phillips where in the first few paragraphs the author shows the utter contempt that the politicians of the day treated the military.
To forget or turn a blind eye to history could be a very costly episode. Our armed forces defends us night and day to preserve our way of life (whilst others are so keen and hell bent in destroying it). Freedom comes at a price, and not in monetary value alone, these are the men and women our politicians should be supporting today, and in the future. They are there to fulfill the wishes of their political masters and should never be under valued by the same.

Found this.
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