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Hi Jeff, he was in NW Europe at that time, but did not server in Hong Kong. Per my Dad?s records, Craig surmised he was in ?B? group, but am yet to find any clear group photos of that group yet.

Thank you,

Does anyone have any information or photos on RM 45 commandos Group B. We recently found out this was the group he was in, and would love some more info, if anyone has any?

Thank you in advance,
Could ?coy? mean troop?
Thanks Pete. That makes sense. Do you know how I could find out which troop he was in?
I just received my Dad?s paperwork from MOD. It states he was in 45 RM CDO in ww2. How do I find out which troop he was in? On some paperwork it says class A. Could that mean troop A?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
I just received my Dad?s paperwork today, a lot faster than expected. He was in RM 45 :)
A lot was hard to read but can get more info online now I that I know his unit. Thank you all for your help. :)
3rd signature
3rd signature?
I just found this picture. Do you think it could be the 3rd signature on my Dad?s paperwork?
Thank you! I have some reading to do. :)
45 seems to be the one that makes the most sense, with what little info we have so far. He talked a lot about someone named ?Taffy? to my sister. I?m going to see if there was a ?Taffy? in 45. I know it?s common for a Welshman, but curious to see if there is one.
Hi Craig,

I would love that, thank you. My sister said that my Dad was in the woods on the way to Belsen. They were told they couldn?t go into Belsen as the Red Cross and another unit was there, and because of the Typhoid and TB. I have looked at all of the photos of all of the commando groups and can?t seem to pick him out in any of them. :( Not sure if my eyes are focused on who I remember him to look like??
Do you know when the MOD send records, if they send any photos??
My email is [email protected] thank you again for all of your info. As always. Thx
:( 45 trained in Lympstone and were also around Bergen.
Belsen, which I know he was near there, so it?s still a possibility I think. :)
My sister just noticed this? could this be his unit number? #45?
Right! Finally get some names but can?t read them. I keep hunting through the photos on here to see if I can see him. They are all starting to look the same now. I?ll have another look at 40.
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