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They feature in my book Bill - often overlooked, but should never be forgotten
Pete, John and Dan - You have in deed done a fantastic job - the legacy of Commando originals is now preserved for ever ... What an achievement. It is a credit to all of you ... absolutely wonderful - huge congratulations to you all, what a formidable team you are.
Many thanks Pete for the comprehensive reply. It is new to me, but looks similar to the process through which authors get an ISBN number for books - namely depositing a copy of their work at the major libraries you mention. This should, in deed, preserve work for posterity.

I imagine, copyright rests with the depositing 'author' ie - Commando Veterans Archive - and applications should be made to your good selves for use of any images or material - which appears only fitting ...

Hopefully, you do not mind me contacting you in due course if I need your consent to use any material to fill gaps.

Regards and thanks again for your excellent and much appreciated help
Fantastic news.
Please advise - how is it best to access and acknowledge use of this aspect of the British Library Website Archive.
The photographs are a unique reference and would be extremely useful to me in my forthcoming companion volume to the Commando Compendium published last Christmas though the Royal Marines Historical Society as Special Publication 54 (see below if interested - summarises over 20,000 pages of Commando War Diaries for WW2 British and Inter-Allied units)


Any advice appreciated regarding links to the archive, references for usage etc
Hello Lucy
I hope you do not mind me plugging my book - The Commando Compendium published as Special Publication 54 by the Royal Marines Historical Society - it draws on all available War Diaries including 3 Special Service / Commando Brigade and its component units - of course Kangaw is mentioned and there are several Maps - at 25 a good buy - but of course I would say that

Hoping this is helpful
Bill - Many thanks - sorry not to have been able to PM Caitlin - my internet security (Bitdefender) kicked me out of the forum for some reason. Hopefully I have sorted it now. Regards, and Good health - Mike
Alan - you are right of course. It is also a bit disappointing that the image in labelled 1 Troop rather than 2 Troop of No.8 Commando - An error acknowledge by the Grenadier Guards, but apparently not easy for them to fix. Good speedy service though and a good clear image. Thanks for the alert by Pete. Hoping everyone is keeping safe and well.
Hi Pete and Arnhem - just seen there are several options to buy the image framed or not.
Thanks Arnhem for making us aware the image existed, and Pete for tracking it down.
I have contacted the Grenadier Guards to ask them to check the narrative is correct - it says 1 Troop No.8 Cdo, not No.2 Troop - which is incorrect according to Waugh. All the best - Mike
Many thanks Pete - that is great ... it is historic and appears to command a good price.
The composition of No.8 Commando troops is listed on page 190 of 'The War Diaries of Evelyn Waugh' - edited by Michael Davie.
If correct - Waugh notes them as mainly being of 'regimental composition' as follows:
1 - Household Cavalry
2 - Grenadier Guards
3 - Coldstream Guards
4 - Scots Greys
5 - Irish and Welsh Guards
6 - Composite (called 'Buffaloes' by Toby Milbanke who led them)
7 - S.L.I. (Somerset Light Infantry)
8 - Composite (led by Godfrey Nicholson)
9 - Line Cavalry
10 - Specialists (Royal Engineers, Royal Artillery, Royal Marines)

Note the ten Troop structure when Waugh joined the Commando at Largs - I think Nov 40 - so must be at the time Nos 3 and 8 Cdos were being paired within 4 Special Service Battalion
Many thanks - keep safe
arnhem2280[img] kindly posted me a copy of the image - I will try to attach it here ... here's hoping it works for us - Mike
Excellent and interesting post regarding a Danish volunteer.
Interesting to note this thread too
Eric is wearing the hackle of No.9 Cdo but his title looks like it could be No.5 Commando - my eyes are not as good as they used to be though (it could be a '3' perhaps - any thoughts welcome ...
Ron will receive many tributes I am sure. Certainly he was a huge influence on my research, and academic studies as a mature student. He opened many doors for me, and was a great friend to my twin brother Richard and myself. We shared many really good beers together and travelled many miles to reunions and functions he meticulously organised. Never once did we hear him complain about deteriorating health, he just carried on carrying one. We will miss him greatly and our thoughts are with Wendy and family. Rest in Peace Ron, your fortitude was an inspiration and knowledge of all things 'Commando' unrivalled.
Hi Nick
I agree - particularly given the 'studio portrait' - in all probability they are unrecorded troop tabs.
All we need to do is find a reference to them ... of course easier said than done ;-)
All the best
An interesting theory and one we should not dismiss. You are right, the ME Cdo knife badge was worn outside 50,51, 52 ME Cdos - I have seen an image of a Force 133 chap wearing one (possibly ex ME Cdo)
All the best
Bob and Nick - thanks for adding to the story of No.11 Cdo - as you say Nick ... images for this unit are very valuable given its relatively short life.
Unfortunately, Bob, I am not aware of any guidance on epaulette strip colours, and only wish I had asked a couple of veterans about them when they were alive - truth is, I do not think anyone realised the strips existed as there are so few images of the unit - it underlines how important your images are. Very many thanks for sharing them.
Regards and hoping to learn more ...
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