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It is with much sadness that Peter Oxley advises us of the recent passing on the 2nd September 2022 of John Cooper McLelland, aged 87 and a veteran of 40 Commando RM. Our sincere condolences to his son Steven and all family and friends of John.

Rest in peace John.

John Cooper McLelland
b. 28-12-1934
d. 02-09-2022.
Jackie you will see AS before that. It means Age and Service Group. Service personnel were placed into groups for demobilisation based on their age and service. So nothing to do with unit served.
Lt. A.W.E. Willingale was the Asst. Paymaster Home Base Ledger Office so does not help.
There was a Captain Charles Edwin Ernest Wildey in 40RM Commando in August 1943 but the initials look different ?.or perhaps just my ageing eyesight.
The next one I can?t work out the name.
In Jan. 1945 V.R. Weymouth was a Temp. Supt. Clerk (Pay Section) Home Base Ledger Office
The last one is Major Joseph Harold Cawley-Way RM.
It may be a service or discharge certificate. It would be useful to have a photo if possible. Whilst you will have to wait to see what more if any is in his RM service record, which should I am reliably informed today take about 5 months compared to the Army time of 1 year, it is clear he was a RM Commando from 1st August 1943 and I can create an entry in the archive on that basis. This was the date of the reorganisation of the RM Division and the Special Service Brigade with the creation of additional RM Commando units. Then if the service record gives more detail it can always be updated.
Hi Jackie in your first post you placed the following detail. Can you advise me where you got that from.

He signed up on 10th may 1942.
George Harry Birtles
Trained at Depot RM
Lympstone Devon.
Division reg no. Po/ 111896
HBL RM Division 28th April -
31 July
HBL RM Commando 1 Aug 43 - 25
March 46
26 March- 8 June 46
Released in class A

It is with much sadness that we are advised of the death on 24 September 2022 of former SSM Dave Riley after a long battle with cancer. Dave served in the Falklands with 'K' Coy., of 42 Commando RM. Our sincere condolences to all his family and friends.

Rest in peace Dave.

If you still cannot resize or upload the pic then email me (the email button is below my name at the bottom of this message) the pics I will upload them for you on my return home which will be the weekend. The link Phil posted for service records is correct but I should point out what it says on that page under ?How long does it take?. Since COVID a backlog of applications occurred and the waiting time has increased dramatically.

This is the 79th anniversary of the allied invasion of Italy - Operation Avalanche. In Memory of all the Fallen, including those from No. 2 Commando and No. 41 Royal Marine Commando, Royal Marines, and all who suffered life changing injuries.

[View the Salerno Commando Roll of Honour]

[Read a document about the original graves of some from No. 2 Commando.]

[Read some War Diary and other entries.]

The casualties in the first 10 days of the action amounted to 48% of the strength of the two Commandos when they landed on the 9th September 1943.

We will Remember them

I do not believe it is. Certainly most of the group photos we have taken at Achnacarry were either outside a door or in the grounds

Is there a commando connection?
Buckingham Palace has announced the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, at the age of 96. She died at her favourite residence, Balmoral Castle. Queen Elizabeth was Britain's longest reigning monarch, coming to the throne at the age of 25 following the death of her father, King George VI, in February 1952.

An excellent sky news video obituary can be viewed here
It is with much sadness that Peter Oxley advises us of the recent death on 5 September 2022 of Fred Preston, a veteran of 43RM Commando 'C' Troop and founder member of the Commando Association. Final rank in the Corps - Colour Sergeant. Our thoughts and prayers are with all his family and friends at this time.

Rest in peace Fred.
The CWGC have advised me in response to a request of mine to have Commando service that is missing included on two of their records that they no longer do this despite my providing them with more than sufficient factual evidence of this being the case. This is something they have always done in the past on many occasions where I have provided such evidence. So sadly the commando unit they were serving in when they died will not be shown on their record but will be shown on our own.
Very sad news indeed. Condolences to Tim, Carolyn, and to all his family and friends. Rest in peace Arthur.

Remembered with honour
Hi Andy

52 Middle East Commando and 50 Middle East Commando were designated as D Battalion of Layforce for the operation at Crete after which many became prisoners of war.

There are actually quite a few cases where the Casualty Lists only show Regiment and not a specific Commando unit. Unfortunately there is no official record of all who served as Commandos and therefore we rely on other sources. You mention an entry in the War Diary showing 52 ME Commando?.are you able to take a photo of this entry and send it to me. I can then add the details to our Archive.

Post war Royal Artillery. London Gazettes has a few entries for him including one for the Territorial Efficiency Medal which I am sure you will have seen including these two. He retired in 1959 with the rank of Major.

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