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A German badge found  XML
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Found in the collection of Sgt. Doug. Webster [View album here]

Posted on behalf of his son Jim who adds that he has no idea of where the German badge came from but believes it is an early Third Reich Wound badge with a hollow back probably brass and painted gold.
[Thumb - Collection of Sgt Doug Webster 2 Cdo (2).jpg]
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I consulted a friend who knows a bit about military badges etc. and he tells me:
It's a WWII era German Wound Badge, they were either hollow stamped or cast.
It looks like it's black painted, the class awarded for 1-2 wounds.
In "silver" it's for 3-4 wounds, in "gold" for 5 or more, although copping a serious wound meant you could qualify for the next grade or skip a grade!
The sort of "medal" thingy that any sensible personage would want to avoid, but I s'pose a lot of blokes'd fancy one to add a bit of bling along with their iron crosses - bit like the old dueling scars.
As I recall, a quick short cut to the gold grade was to misplace your testicles in combat.

See what I mean? Awards to avoid.

Looks 'OK' from what I can see - not that I'm an expert on the things...

I agree that it looks as though it was painted black as all the background grid is still black filled.

By "OK" he means that it looks the genuine article...


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