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I have a letter to my Grandpa, Sidney Klus, from Joe and Ann.

I wonder if anyone would be able to help identify who they are for me.]

Thank you in advance
My Grandpa came home with 2 things, his cap badge and that of his friend 'Bunny'.
I found a letter from my Grandpa Sidney William Klus to his sister Elsie.

Klus. S
1 Troop
5 Commando


Elsie Darling,

You'll have to excuse my writing but I just can't quite write quick enough. If you've ever thought of your (tough)? kid brother crying, well if I never do it again I'm really doing it now.
It's pouring with rain but the boys are all singing & dancing outside, the old flares all going up & everybody's going mad. We've just got the news the Japs have packed up and they have just sent the victory signal up. The signal they always send up when a battle's been won. Honest sis I don't know what I'm writing here, I'm going too fast for my thoughts to catch up. Why worry I'll tell you all about it when we have that drink.
Won't be long now.
It's gone all quiet now sis, I guess all the boys are either beginning to write letters or trying to get themselves to believe it's really all over.
When you get home kiss mum for me & tell her I love her, that goes for you Pop Dolly all the family. Gosh what a lucky guy I am all in one piece, & it won't be long before I see the greatest family in the world.
Love you all, Sid
Thank you so much.

My surname is Beddall
Hi Nick,

I have some maps and newsletters that were to be sent to next of kin (I think) would you be interested in them?
Today I have been given a suitcase full of documents relating to my Grandpa Sidney Klus who was 5 Commando and 1/5 Commando

Included is a notebook with a list of names and addresses in it. I have searched some of the names and it would seem some sadly died in action.

I wondered if they would mean anything to anyone or help anyone to identify their family members.
I have listed below the names I can read. If anyone would like to see the addresses please let me know.

J Boulton - Staffs - his girlfriend was Miss Irene Drake

C Rickwood - Walthamstow

Lilian Westwell - Lancs

Mabel McGuick - St Helens

Vi Conliffe - St Helens

Bernard (Bundy) Groves 14987081 - Westminster

Mr AA Dell - Walthamstow

Miss K S Levington - Wrexham

Miss Eileen Beale - Billericay

Miss Judith Block - Bucks

"Edies" Burnett - Walthamstow

Perkins - Holloway

Len "Dutts" Dutton - Middlesex

George Sherwin - Kennington

Hays? Downham Kent

Alan Brooke Girls? 2nd Fanling?

Mrs Mitchell - Woodlands Kennels, Kelvedon Common

Joyce Lasclnol?

Here is a photo of Sidney William Klus
Thank you so much Pete.
What an absolute tragedy of Bunny Edwards.

I've been speaking to family members today to try and piece together more information.

I have been told by his daughter (my auntie) that there were more medals he could have claimed but he didn't.
He made the family promise not to apply for them as he said he wasn't proud of what he did to earn them.

He also told me once when I was at school learning about WW2 and POW's that he was once a POW.
No one else in the family was told this information and said I had it wrong, however today I have found these online. I haven't paid the 199 they are asking for to view the documents and wondered if there was another way to find out this information?

I am so so grateful for your help. Grandpa was the kindest gentle giant and was so loved by everyone who knew him.
He deserves his story to be told.

Vicki x
His friend was 'Bunny' Edwards who sadly didn't make it home with him.
We have snippets of information he told family members regarding transporting dead civilians to a burial site, he said they were younger than him (he was 20), loaded onto wooden trolleys and they should have been given more respect. He had to transport them through a narrow archway on wooden trolleys.
This could possibly be him on the left. Would be great to have it confirmed either way.
No.5, No.3 and 1/5 Commando Sidney William Klus 14987091

I'll keep adding information here as and when I get it.

We know he fought with the Gurkhas and a number of them visited him in his care home before he died.

We would love to know any information anyone has regarding Sidney William Klus DOB 11.07.25.

He didn't talk about it, he said it was best left in the past so we really don't know much and would very much be grateful for any help at all.
All he said was that not many made it back.

I wonder if anyone on here could please help.

For years we have been trying to chase these items that were 'lost' when Grandpa moved into a care home.

We have contacted the owner of the website that this was listed on who said that:

"It was sold over ten years ago and was bought if my memory serves me correctly, along with some other items from a deceased collectors estate.
Although listed on the site, according to my records it sold at an arms fair at Stoneleigh."

We would love to know any information anyone has regarding Sidney William Klus DOB 11.07.25.

We would very much be grateful for any help at all.

Thanks in advance

Link is below
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