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Apologies I should have added it was colourised by Keith Taylor the author with Jeff Hewitt on the journey of 46 Commando. It was in poor condition and Keith has the software to clean up and enhance.
Few years ago had this photo of B troop 45 Royal Marines Commando sent me by Stephane from his collection in France. It?s B troop 45 commando. My family identified there dad 7from right third row and this is at Hilsea barracks Portsmouth taken after formation in 1943. 8 from right next to my grandad I am sure is Corporal William Noakes MM and the row directly below is Corporal William Cormack, whose grandson Titch was a marine in 45 and later SBS, upon his retirement Titch opened a motorcycle workshop and coffee/ bar in Poole. He also presents the Speedshop in which the photo is highlighted in his grandads memorabilia and he builds a hard tail triumph in honour of his grandad and the lads in the photo who he la red on D day with. The Speedshop is on BBC I player and the bike and goes through the journey 45 took. Worth a look.

Regards Craig.
Do you have service records for your Dad. They will have a lot of clues that can tell you where he served - units etc.
The documents show B troop with various officers and TSM all belonging to B troop.
I haven?t forgotten you, can you email me your dads papers again and I will draft a reply. There isn?t much more than in the book I sent you.

Apologies work has been manic.

Pyramus was in The Orkney islands
48 Royal Marines Commando formed up around March 1944 from units of MNBDO, I would look at the history of 48 as a starting point. Part of 4th Special Service Brigade, later to become a commando brigade. The Royal Marine training group could be at Towyn, where a pre commando beat up or preparation course was run prior to Achnacarry CBTC.

Post all the info you have someone will be able to assist you.
Reading the attached sheet. Your relative was in 117th RM brigade. 33rd Battalion. They were in the line for a spell as infantry then used to take the ships and dockyards from the German navy upon surrender, not commandos but they had a great record in a short space of time. The RM historical association have a great book written by Lt Colonel George Gelder, I will see if I can find a link.

Will order this week for my library,,had a call Friday from a friend trying to track fathering law war service, had quite a few details. Turns out he was in the RE, went No2 Commando, then 11th Special Air Service Battalion on the Tragino aqueduct raid Italy got captured then several escape attempts, before he got away.

Local to us in Newport.
Your dad has a Portsmouth division number which is close to my grandads number he was PO/X111957

PO/x was a Ports div number for a hostilities only marine.

Check out the troop photos in the gallery, it?s worth a try.

Class A is type of discharge.
Can you post all the documents that might help.

All Marines were released from divisions so the Coy short for company would be within a div, where they discharged from.

Could also be an old form used in the process.
The younger photo with rifle is Signals, I do t believe the RM signallers had there own cap badge they all wear the globe and laurel. The photo with khaki cap is RM. you won?t find anything online you?ll need to apply for the service records. Look at the thread on this platform about researching as there are certain forms required.

If you have a service number that could ascertain if he was a hostilities only marine or not.

Post any related info as the guys on this site have so much info you might score a hit.

Your mum might even have his papers and not realise what they are. Lots of people apply and then find out they have the papers already.

Good luck with your search.
Try Facebook 45 commando veterans group and the RM historical society page
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