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Only other info No 4 Paratrooper

Possibly 4 Para, 4th Battalion, The Parachute Regiment?

Good luck with your research

Lt. Col. Michael Anthony WILBERFORCE R.M., assumed command of I.T.C.R.M. Lympstone in February 1965, could it be him?

The Saulnier Farm, Amfreville, requires preservation after a roof collapse of one of the barns.
A campaign has been launched to look for solutions to preserve the building that served as No.6 Commando Head Quarters from D-Day onwards.

Attached, VI Commando graffiti, Saulinier Farm, Amfreville

Roy, 1 Troop 3 Commando, Weymouth, 1943 & 80 years later, Chelsea Hospital 2023

Belated best wishes to Roy Cadman, 3 Commando veteran and Chelsea pensioner, who turned 100 on the 26th March 2023.

David Blake, curator of the Royal Army Chaplains' Museum, confirmed the archive held a trcaer card relating to Reverend Captain Hepworth :

A card does exist for G J C Hepworth, however; there is no indication on the card of Hepworth being attached to either a Commando or Combined ops or Special Service Brigade. In July 1942, Hepworth was attached to the 43rd Wessex Division.[/i]

Reverend Hepworth may have been seconded from the 43rd Wessex Division to a Canadian Army unit for the duration of the Operation?

Good luck with your research

There are four possible records which may help with your research?

NUTTALL James Thomas 1918 - 1986 Hastings & Rother, Sussex

NUTTALL James Thomas 1912 - 1990 West Somerset, Somerset

NUTTALL James Thomas 1918 -1998 Burnley & Pendle, Lancashire

NUTTALL James Thomas 1915 -2002 Derby, Derbyshire

Good luck with your research

Victor's Merchant Navy service number was R147996 on his discharge, it also confirms his transfer to the Royal Air Force.
His service with the Merchant Navy and Royal Air Force would have made him eligible for the campaign medals he received.

If the medals reflect his service with the Royal Marine Commandos, men serving with 40, 41 & 43 Royal Marine Commando were eligible to receive the Italy Star.

The Queen's Crown cap badge on the beret is post-war, they may be replacements for an original?

All will be confirmed with a copy of his service record.

Good luck with your research

Zayley Marles wrote:I'm after information about my great grandfather FREDERICK ARTHUR SILLETT his death on 1987. He was born 1919. But there's no records. Many thanks

Frederick Arthur SILLETT
23rd November 1919 Bosmere, Suffolk - 3Q 1987 Wrexham, Denbighshire

Frederick A SILLETT married Mair JONES at Wrexham 4 Q 1945

It may connect F.A. SILLETT, R.A.M.C. attached 47 R.M. Commando, 4th S.S.Brigade with the Holding Operational Commando, Depot at Wrexham?

All will be confirmed with copies of his service records.

Good luck with your research

Edward John GILLING
17th November 1902 Lewisham, London - 2Q 1970 Croyden, Surrey

This is the transcript of your great uncle's citation for his 'mentioned in dispatches',

"During the action between No.VI Commando and a Battalion of Herman Goering Jaeger Regiment, Fus. Service?s section position was attacked by a party of enemy approx. 80 strong ? finally they were 40 yards away when Fus. Service picked up the Bren Gun and fired it from the hip. The enemy advanced shouting ?Jaeger, Jaeger!? Fus. Service was standing hose-piping them with his Bren Gun and shouting back ?Commando, Commando!?. He killed many Germans and set an example of high courage and esprit de corps to his Section."

Good luck with your research

The photograph was taken post-war. The ordinary ranks all wear 1947 pattern battledress blouses. The non-commissioned officers at the front appear to have the Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment cap badges, the O.R. cap badges appear to be that of a different Regiment?

Do you have a higher definition copy of the photograph?

Good luck with your research
Here is a copy of your grandfather's attestation record, courtesy of Rob on WW2 Talk who photographed all of the Lincolnshire Regiment's AB358 record books.

Your grandfather's Battalion were trained as a specialised mountain warfare unit while garrisoned on Iceland. This was due to the Battalion's experiences during the Norwegian campaign in 1940.

Men of the 4th Lincolnshire Regiment at Skagge after marching 56 miles across the mountains to escape being cut off by the enemy, April 1940. A Norwegian soldier is seen examining one of their rifles. (photograph attached)

As a N.C.O., I believe that your grandfather would have been seconded to the Mountain and Snow Warfare Training Centre to to impart his knowledge and skills to Commandos who were posted there.

On WW2 Talk, there is your grandfather's entry in the Lincolnshire Regiment's attestation record books which makes interesting reading.

Good luck with your research


Two references for documents in the National Archives of Australia


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