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[quote=craig summerhill]Darren.

Will order this week for my library,,had a call Friday from a friend trying to track fathering law war service, had quite a few details. Turns out he was in the RE, went No2 Commando, then 11th Special Air Service Battalion on the Tragino aqueduct raid Italy got captured then several escape attempts, before he got away.

Local to us in Newport. [/quote]

That?s great stuff chap, who?d have thought that in our town. Amazing stuff, he needs to contact Damien Lewis, the author, plus James Holland and Al Murray off We Have Ways podcast, would be very interested I reckon. Believe I?ve heard of a story like that on various presentations etc., but never really took it in. Would be good to hear his story in full, do they have any images as well?

Where in the PORT chap?
Don?t know if it?s been put out yet or this is the right place, but here goes, this is from a chap I/We know on FB, Mike Beckett and the Royal Marine Historical Society -

'The Commando Compendium'.

A true and unique record of the men who served so gallantly and who?s legacy today survives not just in the Royal Marines but in all the units of 3 Commando Brigade & other SF's.

Order here -

25 + 5 P&P

If ordering online, use the code SP 54, where it asks for the SP Number, otherwise ring them up to purchase it, on -

01730 261199 to make payment, opening hours are 9 ? 5pm Monday to Saturday.

The Royal Marines Historical Society have paid for publication and deal with distribution. They will receive all proceeds, which to me is a great cause.? (from Mike)

I?m trying to get this publication as much exposure as possible, as I think its an important work on the history of the Commando movement and maybe needs more advertising, so have posted on several social media platforms to help to promote it and the good cause the money it will go to.

Good reading everybody.

Just come across this thread again and enjoying reading it once more, thanks.

There is a sketch of Lt.Col Tom Trevor and the Rangers at Pointe Du Hoc in one of the Osprey series of books on certain units.

My grandfather served under TT, with No.2 Independent Company in Norway and No.1 Army Commando, was there at North African Landings during Operation Torch too, the KT for the rest of the war.

Got some info too about what landing craft he was on during #DDay as well, will have a look for it to post up.
No probs.
Cheers for that Guy, appreciate it, yep, came across the same thing, but missed the ?home? thing. Also, came across this on FWR?s website too, with 18/10/41 date on there, yep, will have a look at the units War diaries for that date. Thanks again. ATB.
Just saw there?s another post on this subject. Will have a gander there.
Looking for information, if possible for a person on the No.1 Commando Facebook page, his name was Sidney Hewlett and was born in 1911 at Barry, South Wales, and passed away in 1983. It?s believed he was a sergeant major and trained Commandos in Scotland. I?ve done a little research myself, and came up with possibly something on him maybe being in the Dorsetshire Regt & No.1 Commando, but wounded in the Westen Desert, Oct?41, but didn?t think the unit was there at that time. He had a mate and neighbour too, Gordon Parry who was in the Commandos as well. Wonder if anybody could shed some light on him or point me in the right direction to assist with her research. Thanks in advance.
A close up of my grandfather, Pte Thomas Hall, from the group photo above, whilst in India/Burma 44/45.
Thanks for that Nick, appreciate it. Yep, hopefully someone out there will maybe able to recognise the other gentlemen in the photo and/or my grandfather (on the far right). If you do, please post up who you know, thanks. In the meantime, I'm going to try and identify them from the No.1 Commando panoramic photo taken of the unit at Winchester Barracks in November 1943, before they set sail for India/Burma. Fingers crossed.
Last one.
And another.
And another.
Here's another.
I've already posted these up on the CVA FB page, but thought I'd do it on here, as not everyone has FB. Just to let you know that my better half found these photo's in a book, whilst having a sort out in a bedroom cupboard. My mother who recently passed away in late August due to complications arising from her dementia, was looking for them for a long time and all along I had them. I'm absolutely gutted she didn't see them, but want to share them with you, there are 5 of them and hopefully somebody on here can shed a little light on the time, location and people in the photos, other than the one with his mother in it. The monkey's name was Jacko and I believe they are either in India or Burma, plus Scotland for the climbing one and possibly South Wales or the South of England at a holding camp, but I believe it was before the war or the very early months of it, as he was the South Wales Borderers first and that is his brother, Wilfred, who was unfortunately KIA as a despatch rider with the RAC, attached to 4 Commando, near Flushing in Holland. Hopefully maybe someone might recognise the bare chested chap or like I said the locations. Thanks in advance.
I would just like to wish everybody at the CVA website and on this forum, a very Merry Christmas and a Joyful New Year. The same goes to the people on the Facebook page as well and thank you all for your input on my late grandfathers [Pte Tom Hall - 1 Commando] effects that have been posted on here and FB too. I will put a few more items on here and the social network site when they become available. If anybody does have any information on my grandfather, please do get in touch. All the best for the future.

Kind Regards,
Darren Little

Sorry about the quality of the photo attached.

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