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No6 Commando - Private John Service  XML
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Paul Turner
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Hi there,

I hope this is the correct place for this post.

I have recently discovered that my Great uncle (Pte John Service) served with No6 Commando in Tunisia and was mentioned in dispatches at the Battle of Steamroller Farm. The details on the nominal roll were very interesting and useful.

I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of:

- No6 Commando War Diary.
- Obituaries in Commando Association newsletter 118 issued Feb. 2004.

Unfortunately I live in the very north of Scotland and an unable to visit the National archives Kew at the moment but would be happy to request a copy of documents. I have found the following but am unsure if this contains the unit War Diary.

Unfortunately we have lost touch with his side of the family and so I am currently unable to access his service record, so a copy of his obituary might prove useful.

Any help or information would be greatly appreciated.

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This is the transcript of your great uncle's citation for his 'mentioned in dispatches',

"During the action between No.VI Commando and a Battalion of Herman Goering Jaeger Regiment, Fus. Service?s section position was attacked by a party of enemy approx. 80 strong ? finally they were 40 yards away when Fus. Service picked up the Bren Gun and fired it from the hip. The enemy advanced shouting ?Jaeger, Jaeger!? Fus. Service was standing hose-piping them with his Bren Gun and shouting back ?Commando, Commando!?. He killed many Germans and set an example of high courage and esprit de corps to his Section."

Good luck with your research

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Paul, this is the link to our archive entry just for the benefit of others. I can add a photo if you have a good one of your great uncle either from his army days or in civvies. The CA newsletter mentions his name amongst many in the obituaries. The War Diary appendix entry states what Guy has transcribed and on the link below:

[Thumb - 6_cdo_obits_CA118.jpg]
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Pete Rogers, son of LSgt Joe Rogers MM & nephew of TSM Ken McAllister. Both No2 Commando.
God and the Soldier, all men adore, In time of danger and not before.
When the danger is passed and all things righted, God is forgotten, and the Soldier slighted.

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Hi Paul,

The Battle of Steamroller Farm was February 1943.
The No.6 Cdo War Diary for Jan - Dec 1943 is WO218/54.
Unfortunately this file has not been digitalised but you could request a copy from the National Archives. However, to copy the whole file is very expensive, but you could specify that you only require February 1943.

If you are on Facebook, there is a guy that will copy War Diaries and only charges 10p a page.

I have sent you a PM...


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Nick Collins,

Commando Association Historical Archivist & Photographer.

Proud son of Cpl Mick Collins, 5 Troop, No5 Cdo

"Truly we may say of them, when shall their glory fade?"

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