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I've been trying to find out some information on my late grandfather, Ronald Allen.

He was born in March 1923 and joined the army in 1938. I believe he enlisted into the Northants regiment, which was our local regiment, and then as war broke out he ended up in the Army Commandos.

My grandfather would rarely discuss the war or his life in the army, but I know he served in Africa and Italy. I have seen photo's of him with Italian Partisans, apparently he helped with their training. My late grandmother told me he was involved in a raid on Norway but that's about all I know. If it helps, we have a photo of him in 1940 in a navy coloured battle jacket with "Army Commandos" on his shoulder/sleeve...although I always thought the army wore Khaki?

I know the change of finding anyone who served with him is extremely slim, but I would be grateful if anyone has any tips or advice for looking up records of the Army Commandos.

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards,

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MA 80,
Your grandfather Ronald Herbert Allen served with 4 Troop of No.3 Commando.
He originally enlisted in the Northamptonshire Regiment and then was transferred to the Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire Regiment.

Your grandfather can be found found in this photograph aged 19, fourth row from the top on the far right

He took part in the Dieppe raid and saw action on Sicily and in Italy.
He appears in the 4 Troop photograph taken at Aci Castello, Sicily in November 1943 (2nd Row from the front, 6 from the left)

For administrative purposes only, he was transferred back to 4th Battalion Northamptonshire Regiment T.A. This was a Territorial Battalion that had been converted to a Search light unit attached to the Royal Artillery. That accounts for the Royal Artillery collar badge on your granfather's beret in the Sicily photograph.

You would need a copy of his service records to confirm when he joined No.3 Commando and if he remained with them when they returned to England in preparation for D-Day in january 1944.

Good luck with your research

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