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Lt Edward MacDonald  XML
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Hello I was looking on the internet and came across a picture with David Stirling and a Lt Edward MacDonald , I've searched the internet and cannot find anything about Lt Edward MacDonald , does anyone know if he survived the war ? Troy
Alan Orton
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Hi Troy,
Ed MacDonald as far as I am aware survived the war, initially he was a Cameron Highlander and volunteered for the Commandos and served with 11 (Scottish) Commando and went to the ME as part of Layforce, he took part in Operation Exporter in June 1941 and later volunteered for L Detatchment. As a La nce Sergeant on the Nominal Roll he is not allocated to a Troop, Section or Group but was on Operation Squatter and was part of Maynes Flight No. 5.
He crops up now and then and most likely served with Stirlings B Squadron.
During the desert campaign he was commissioned into the West Yorkshire Regt. He was attached to 2/Seaforths befire later joining B Company 5/Camerons and served in NWE from 1944 onwards
Kind regards,

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Thanks Alan for the reply , it's actually crazy that there is not one thing on the internet I could find about him besides the picture of him in the Willys Jeep with sterling standing
beside him. When I searched I found a couple different model kit busts of him that you can buy and build and they even have a Military action figure of him . Just being able to buy toys and models that are supposed to be him you would think there would be some more information about him and his war time service and even his life after the military . I do have to say the picture on the net with him and the group of SAS in the jeeps speaks volumes . Maybe someone needs to write a book .
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Hey Troy,

It looks like Lt Edward MacDonald remains a bit of a mystery online. From what's been discussed, he survived the war and served in different units, including the Cameron Highlanders and Commandos. There's not much more info available, but it's interesting that there are model kits and action figures of him, indicating he was probably notable in military circles.

I'm also interested about this character and want to know more about him , and like to gather more images about him

If you find anything else, let me know!

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There is a fair bit of good research with sources in this forum entry elsewhere.

London Gazettes for his DCM:

National Archives DCM Recommendation:

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Pete Rogers, son of LSgt Joe Rogers MM & nephew of TSM Ken McAllister. Both No2 Commando.
God and the Soldier, all men adore, In time of danger and not before.
When the danger is passed and all things righted, God is forgotten, and the Soldier slighted.

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Hello Troy

There are some comments about Edward McDonald towards the end of this WW2TV podcast

There are also some comments about Edward McDonald in Bob Bennett's oral history at IWM.

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