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Thank you so much. I would love the papers on Kearney and the other Newfoundland Commandos of its not too much trouble for you. I can certainly paypal you for this service.

Also, although not a commando, I am also interested in another 59th (Newfoundland) Heavy Royal Artillery Regiment chap that just before D-day was assigned to 6th Airborne. His name was John Finn he was a forward artillery spotter that went into Normandy on D-day in a Horrsa glider, took a jeep to a town nearby and started calling in artillery on German positions. Here are a couple of articles, one is a brief interview with John himself.

I?m wondering, would his shoulder titles have stayed as the Royal Artillery on his 6th Airborne Uniform?

Alan, what would they have worn for epaulettes? also was there a lanyard for commando ? if so what colour? I?m putting together a display and have an original 1939 dated 11th Scottish commando Tam and and an early war tropical/desert shirt. I want to have the correct epaulettes and/or lanyard. Advice?
and here is the 1939 broad arrow marked tam with black hackle.
.. wow excellent knowledge Alan. So i just to clarify the slip on epaulettes would have been his rank chevrons, which I?m not sure of? I assume the epaulettes would have of tropical sand cloth in colour with his rank chevrons sewn. here is my tropical tunic.
what about epaulettes/pips on the tropical tunic? what colour were they ? was there a lanyard for the commandos and if so what colour? I?m putting together a display. i have an original 9th scottish tam with the black hackel and a tropical shirt. but not ssure about the epaulettes and lanyard. i am trying to do a display im my collection to honor Kearney.

Please let me know on the epaulettes/pips and lanyard.

thanks for all the great info! my email is [email protected]
After No.11 (Scottish) Commando was disbanded the men were then used to make up No. 3 Troop of Middle East Commando battalion. These were the men that went on Operation Flipper. I assume at nase their BD would have had a Me.Commando shoulder title combined ops patch (circle or tombstone?)
Alan, what about their typical battledress worn at home before missions? Trying to understand if it was a tombstone style combined ops patch or circle? and if their shoulder titles were ?No. 11 Commando?, or just ?Commando?. I?ve never seen an original removed from uniform ?No.11 Commando? shoulder title. Are there photos of No.11 Commando somewhere that i could see?
Alan, wonderful info. Thank you so much. Kearney survived the war. There is a book about him. hete is the lonk.

Would you know what insignia the 11th would have worn on their sleeve ?

Hi everyone,

need info please

Question 1: I?m wondering what No.11 (Scottish) Commando wore for insignia? tombstone style combined ops badge or circle? did they have No.11 in their shoulder title or just the word ?Commando? . They were the unit from the failed Operation Flipper (aka. Raid To Capture Rommel). Any photos or info would be fantastic.

Question 2. Also looking for info on Newfoundland soldiers that served in WW2 British Commando units, one such Newfoundlander was James Kearney who was part of the infamous Rommel raid.

Hope to hear from someone on both questions !
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