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Hi, that was very helpful, thank you.
Hi, thanks for putting my Dads photo on the gallery. His date of birth was 31 July 1917 in Ossett, West Yorkshire and his date of death was 28 March 1980 also in Ossett, West Yorkshire. I am a little confused about his former regiment, as he always told me he was Royal Scots and very proud of that fact, however his release document says Royal Scots Fusiliers.



Hi, thank you so much for the link to these photos, and I can confirm that my father does appear on it. He is second row, third from the right, and I also recognise his signature on the reverse.

Regards, John.
His former regiment was Royal Scots Fusiliers, Army number 3133213 serving from 15 February 1940 to 21 Apr 1946. I don?t know which troop he was in, I haven?t been able to find him on any photos in the gallery. Also I have not been able to find him on any of the usual service websites even using his army number. On the 9 Commando nominal roll appears a John Davidson - Fus, I can only presume that maybe this is him, but he was christened Jock. Although he didn?t talk very much about his service, he did tell me something rather interesting about the early raid on Houlgate, Operation Sunstar, claiming that the official history was incorrect.


Here, as requested, a higher resolution photo of my father, Pte Jock Davidson. Yes, he was christened Jock.
I still have the original and can increase the resolution. I will forward it shortly.
I realised this after I pressed submit. Here, I hope, is the correct photo. I was just interested in the fact that both photo?s appear to have been taken in the same studio.

Can this photo be added to the 9 Commando gallery?
I attach a photo of my father Jock Davidson of 9 Commando. He is the Private J Davidson referred to as the Bren gunners left on the landing craft on Operation Sustar and manage to get 2 burst of fire into the fuselage of a German Stuka. His great friend was Alisdair Cameron and I also attach a picture of him which appears on No 9 Cdo gallery. Both pictures appear to have been taken in the same studio, so I presume they were together at the time.
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