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Bundy Groves and Dutts Dutton were definitely both in No.5 Cdo.

Some of the others may have been but it's difficult to be 100% sure...


Hi Shaun,

I'm very surprised you say your father's records are heavily redacted - this is not usually the case...

8 months from applying to receiving the records is, in fact, very quick on average - recently I've known of cases where the wait has been 15 months!

Hi Paul,

The Battle of Steamroller Farm was February 1943.
The No.6 Cdo War Diary for Jan - Dec 1943 is WO218/54.
Unfortunately this file has not been digitalised but you could request a copy from the National Archives. However, to copy the whole file is very expensive, but you could specify that you only require February 1943.

If you are on Facebook, there is a guy that will copy War Diaries and only charges 10p a page.

I have sent you a PM...


The family of (PLY/X 4178) Fred Preston, C Troop, 43 RM Cdo. was joined by members of the Commando Association Committee, yesterday, 29th September, to pay their respects to another Founder Veteran who, sadly, Crossed the Bar on 5th September 2022.
The Cdo. Assoc. was represented by Pete Oxley, National Secretary, and Nick Collins.

Rest in Peace Fred.

Jackie Birtles wrote:... :( I joined the Forces war site as well, and there was no record of him on there either? So strange??

I'm sorry that you wasted your time and money by joining the Forces War Records or, indeed, any other commercial, online, genealogy sites looking for WWII records... Despite their dubious and misleading claims, they do not have WWII service records.
The MoD is the ONLY custodian of WWII service records and you can apply to the MoD for a scan of his records...


John, that is very sad news about your uncle, Norris. I am so sorry to hear of his passing.
I first met him at the Commando Memorial in 2007.
A lovely man who will be remembered forever for his brilliant design of the Army Commando Memorial.

May He Rest In Eternal Peace.


Thank you for the background story of Frank Atter - it's fantastic to know he was an honest, trustworthy and respected man.
You say you were a close friend of Frank's son - I don't suppose you're able to post a photo of Frank on here?


By pure coincidence I was only thinking, the other evening, that I know and know of a few people with the surname Preece - I agree it's an unusual name (as far as I am concerned) yet they all came from Shropshire/West Midlands! I was in the RAF and spent a lot of time at RAF Cosford and still have friends in the area...

However, here are two extracts from the Cdo Association Newsletters which would suggest that maybe Fred Preece was not from Shropshire...

Those who have applied to the Historical Disclosures Office in Glasgow may be wondering why there is such a long delay to process their application.
I was in communication with that Office today and was sent the following information which is a far better explanation of the problem and answers the questions of, 'Why has my cheque still not been cashed...'

MoD wrote:As a consequence of the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic and direction from the Scottish Government, the Department was unable to function properly for an extended period lasting many months. The files necessary to process the vast majority of genealogical requests are only held in paper format and have not been accessible during this period.

A significant backlog of work has built up during the lockdown period as postal applications continued to be sent to the office. Regrettably these unprecedented circumstances mean that applications sent in the last year or so may not yet have been actioned or even opened.
Additional staffing resources have been identified and are being utilised.

Kegbuster44 wrote:hi all...
I am new to the website and wish to know what 10 Commando(Polish) did during WW2 any books or information would be great

The Polish commandos served in 6 Troop of No.10 (Inter Allied) Commando.
As well as the book mentioned above there is, 'Commando In Exile' by Nick van der Bijl. Published by Pen & Sword.


I was deeply saddened to hear of Graham's passing and can only echo the words of Pete Rogers...
Graham made huge contributions to the Cdo Nominal Rolls and was always embarrassed when he was given credit for his contribution and sterling efforts.

Arte et Marte

Rest in Peace Graham,

Hi Kegbuster,

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I can thoroughly recommend two books by Mike Banks:

Commando Climber -

Snow Commando, author Mike Banks, published by Burke Publishing, first published 1961.


Hi Shaun,

I have a J W Keefe in my No.9 Cdo Nominal Roll - up until now that was all the details I had, but will now update.
I also have a database of soldiers from SLI who became commandos - I will add his details there as well...

Hi Ciaran,

All the references to Jimmy (Sgt James Synnott, Royal Artillery & No.3 Cdo) have a double 'N' in his surname, whereas you spell it with a single 'N' - can you confirm which is correct?

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