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The plaque located in the building formerly known as St Georges Church St George?s Centre Pembroke Rd Chatham Rochester Upon Medway Kent.

67 years ago this week on the 4th December 1951 a bus drove into a company of 52 young Cadets who were marching from Melville Royal Marine Barracks, Gillingham, to Chatham RN Barracks. Twenty four of the cadets died as a result.

More can be read here:

News reel footage of the funeral:

We will remember them.
I wonder could this be the same Clifford Beacham with the middle name initials T.G.

The Gallery entry for Mne Nichol can be viewed here:

Mne. John Waltham Nichol 45RM Cdo and RMFVR
Any further mages and all updates should now be posted on the main forum message with other pictures and information which can be viewed here:

Collection of Mne. John Nichol 45RM Cdo and RMFVR

2 more.
In order to keep things together I have taken these images from several other forum messages (which will be deleted) posted by Diane Grist from the collection of her Father, Mne. John Nichol.

I have checked both and agree with you. They are one and the same. I have removed one, and left yours in its album.


Hi All

We have some very good clear photos of some veterans of No. 9 Commando at original Commando Association events, but so few have been identified. I know there are No. 9 Commando relatives out there who were at Fort William. If you know any please advise them of this message. Here are the images:

The easiest way to post a name is to register on the gallery (separate to the forum) and then you can add a comment against the relative photo.
You have sufficient information now to make an application for a copy of his Army Service Record. How to do so with links to the application forms needed can be found on our Research document below. If the immediate next of kin applies, a full photocopy of the record will be provided, otherwise only a transcript with limited detail will be provided. The M.O.D., through their respective service disclosure sections, are the holders of these records so dont be fooled by some pay websites offering similar services.

You should additionally include with your completed application everything you know from family historical documents held about his movement from Austria to the UK. You may consider adding a request that any additional detail or references to additional detail, to that shown on his Service Record, that may be held by the Government, be released to you under the Freedom of Information Act.

Let us know how you get on.

If this is the correct man, ie. Pte. P. Knight of No. 10 Commando, then in September 1975 his last known address to the original Commando Association, of which he was a member, was in Willowdale, Ontario, Canada.

Source: Commando Association Lost Legion List 7. [view]
Hi Chris

I have now added Private Douglas Brown's name to our Nominal Roll.

Hi and thanks for replying. Do you know whether your Father was an Army Commando or a Royal Marine Commando, and which Commando unit of either of those that he was in ? Perhaps you have a photo of him in uniform that you could post?
Hi and welcome to our Forum

Perhaps you could tell us more about Paul Knight, your connection to him, how you know it is him ?

The image is an Imperial War Museum image. As your colourised image had a watermark advertising a commercial company I have replaced it with the IWM image in line with our forum policy on advertising. You will note the image is attributed to RM Commandos. However others have suggested these are Army Commandos.

IWM Image -

CVA gallery entry -
Hello and welcome to our Forum

We do not have access to official service records. Have you actually checked with all your extended family to see if they have anymore detail about your Uncle, ie. was he a Commando in the Army, Royal Marines, or Navy ? His service number, a photo in uniform, a letter home from where he served, all these may contain clues.

Service Records can be applied for. Check out our guide here:

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