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In lost legion No 8 ,Pte Marnock A. of 5 Cdo is shown as living in Falmouth,Cornwall.


As always many thanks for your reply,

Another good book is Fred Hayhurst and "The Green Berets in Korea".

I have trawled both books and found the names I have,at present I am trying to find those that were injured and sent to American hospitals for recovery.Even 5 - 6 years after the war there is nothing simple in find info on the commando.



Can anyone help.

My name is Graham Cooper,an Associate member.

I am looking for names and service details of those Royal Marines who served with 41 Ind.Cdo.R.M. from 1950 - 1952 during the Korean war.

It would appear that between 200 and 260 men were enlisted into 41 Ind Cdo,to date approx. 170 names have been found,so there is still a few to be found.

This nominal roll can/will be added to the R.M.commandos who are already noted by the CVA.

Thanks again.


Do we know the result?.


The book "The King's own loyal Enemy Aliens" has the following ref :

Kotta,Vladimir.13802873,later JONES,13118611,said to have been a Russian,Cpl 219 Coy PC;later 3 / 10 Cdo,in Op

HARDTACK opposite Graveline,taken prisoner there,liberated at end of war.


Welcome to the Association.

I note that his serial number 5347456 is in the range issue to the Royal Berkshire i believe at some stage your uncle transferred to the R.E.M.E.

Your uncle I believe ,died during operation SCREWDRIVER.

Hope this helps


Amazon have a book entitled "Return of no 4754532" by RON L RICKWOOD

Its an autobiography and priced 4.25 plus postage.

The serial number is right,,the name is right,perhaps this is your man.

Hello Martin,

Welcome to our association.

The only information I have on Stanley Stevens,is as follows,yes he served in both 12 and 3 Cdo.

His serial number is in the range issued to the Royal Army Service Corp (R.A.S.C.)

His death was notified in the March 1991 ,Association newsletter,

It showed that he lived in BOW,London.

Not much, but it all helps,hopefully more information


Not sure if this helps or not,I have a reference to a Cpl,Charles (Rocky),STONE,44 RM Cdo,of Cannington,Somerset.

He has been shown as a dispatch rider.(not confirmed)

In March 1997 it is noted that his death was reported.

Like I said earlier not sure if this is the same STONE,

Good luck


Hello and Welcome,

Can confirm that your grandfather was in the commando.

In March 2002 the following obituary appeared,under 5 Commando,the following - Lcpl A.W.(Bill)Palmer of Bulawayo,Zimbabwe.

It isn't a lot,but it does confirm what you knew/know.

Hopefully others can fill some gaps

All the best,

Hi All,

This book set is good value,first class information ,cradle to grave data on individuals military history.

There are many reference of previous commando service prior to SAS / LRDG service.


Reading the CWGC cemetery detail was surprised to find that Brookwood 1939-1945 Memorial are an agency service on behalf of the Royal Hospital Chelsea."The

commission also maintain a plot of graves of Chelsea Pensioners.

Is it known if any commando veterans are at rest at this place.



Hope this helps,

ecole.nav.traditions,free fr/cdo,this site states,

KIA 8-5-45,Netherlands,buried 11-5-45 at Sint Philipsland.

Killed by the explosion of a mine while on patrol.

Transferred 19-11-49,Bordeaux,Gironde.

His name is written ALLARD,but is written ALLART C. on the Memorial of Kapelle.

From the 4 Commando war diary 1945 ,WO 218/ 84

May 7 ,1945

HALSTEREN - No 7 french troop moved to SCHOUWEN and established HQ at BRUINISSE, and to clear and mark all minefields in that area.



Thanks pete.


Thanks Nic,I would like him considered for the Roll of Honour for 10 IA cOMMANDO.

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