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No probs
Pete, l've had a quick read of your attachment regarding 204, years ago I uploaded a photo of Major Bob English who was running the Bush Warfare Training School to this site. In his original photo the lorry in the background had Military Mission 204 inscribed on the door, so Bob English was there and the same rank as Mike Calvert, but there is no mention of Bob in anything about The Bush Warfare Training School, which I found strange.
Pete, I found the info some time ago, where I can't remember, but will let you know. It was mainly due to ill discepline and poor morale. Controversial l know, but thinking about it, it would have be beneficial for the enemy to know? Also why change the unit name from SS1 to SS2?
Am i right in thinking that there are some information regarding 204 that will not be released for a further 60 years.
I remember writing to the Archives in London with what my father had told me about 204, the reply I recieved made me aware that I had said something I should have kept to myself, and truly I felt that a knock on the door would be next. So there is a lot of information written and a lot omitted. Kevin
I stand to be corrected, was there a SS1 and SS2 SS1 was withdrawn due to ill discepline?
My father was with 204 during this period.

Service record:-
Posted depot - Royal Welch Fusiliers - 9/12/1923 2nd. Battalion - Royal Welch Fusiliers - 12/8/1924 1st. Battalion - Royal Welch Fusiliers - 2/10/1925 Army Reserve - 21/11/1933 Mustered at Wrexham - 2/10/1939 8th. Battalion - Royal Welch Fusiliers - 6/1/1940 9th. Independent Company - 15/5/1940 1st. Special Service Battalion - 10/11/1940 No.1 Commando - 4/3/1941 Posted to 204 Military Mission - India Command (China, Chindits) 17/3/1942 Transferred to Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers -7/3/1943

204 Military Mission. (Extracts from diary 11/03/1942 - 14/08/1943) 11/03/ Left Irvine for London, arrived Glasgow 6.45pm, arrived London Thursday 12th, 10am. 13/03/ Billeted at the Hotel Central, Marylebone and drew Kit. 16/03/ Left London at 11.10pm, arrived Liverpool 10.30am. Went on board H.M.S. Holland 17/03/1942 Posted to 204 with No1 Commando. 18/03/ Still at Liverpool moved from quay to channel. 20/03/ 12 noon, sailed in convoy from Liverpool, passing Anglesey. 21/03/ Anchored outside Gourock, Clyde. We are making for India, from there to China ? Memo - Our work is to advise Chinese troops. 24/03/ 30 ships in convoy, plus aircraft carrier. 28/03/ A scare was sent around the ship that there were subs about, all gunners at action stations. 04/04/1942 Arrived Freetown. 11/04/ Left Freetown at 1am (The news is depressing for us as we are going out to India). 19/04/ Have now travelled 4500 miles. 23/04/ Table mountain in sight, birthed Cape Town, 2pm. 25/04/ Cape Town - Went on route march. 27/04/ Left Cape Town at 3pm, next port of call Durban. 02/05/1942 not calling at Durban, next port Bombay. 04/05/ Passed Madagascar. 05/05/ News just came through that Madagascar has been taken by B.T. 12/05/ they buried one of the ship's crew at sea today. 16/05 now known as the Burma Detail. (Arrived Bombay). 17/05/ Left Bombay by train at 5am, arrived Deolali 2pm (It is a transit camp). 19/05/ Deolali - Went on route march. 20/05/ Went on run this morning. 21/05/ Packing up today, moving off at 10.45pm. We are going to Jubbulpore. 23/05/ Jubbulpore - 5.30pm went on 3 mile route march, temperature 110 26/05/ Formed up new troops. 27/05/ Took troop out on map reading, too hot to stay out.
29/05/ Went on 7mile route march. 01/06/1942 6.30am P.T. 9.15 Demolitions. 02/06/ 6.10 10 mile route march. 03/06/ Range - Zeroing rifles. 04/06/ Demolitions. 06/06/ Training on the range. 13/06/ Informed of vacancy for W.O. in 142 Reg. 14/06/ Advance party leave today. 22/06/ Left Jubbulpore at 4.30am, left station at 7. 23/06/ Arrived Pataria at 4.30 am, marched 8 miles to camp, rain and mud everywhere in camp. 25/06/ Pataria - Camped out in the jungle, nearest town 10 miles, had to swim across river for supper. 02/07/1942 Rumours that we are going on our original job, standing by to move at a moment's notice. 05/07/ Lectured by the Brigadier on jungle life. 15/07/ 13.00 R/S Lake, leaving us for China, appears that things are moving. 17/07/ Draft leaving today. 23/07/ The Draft for China are handing in their rifles again today. 24/017/ The Draft are moving to Calcutta on their way to China. They go by plane from Calcutta.

142 Commando
Memo - I may be going to Saugor today. 27/07/ Three men drowned today. 30/07/ Heavy rain, I am to take charge of 142 section until officer returns from sick leave. 31/07/ Took over 142 Group today, moved into new lines. 01/08/1942 Took section out on Demolition. 04/08/ Orders just received to pack up and be ready to move on Wednesday. Going to Saugor. 06/08/ Marching off this morning. Marched to Patharia 7 mile. Left Patharia at 11pm. 07/08/ Saugor - Arrived 5.30pm marched 3 miles to billet. 11/08/ Went with Kings Officers to recce ground where field firing is to take place. 12/08/ Out training the section. 13/08/ Riots have broken out in Bombay and Delhi. 14/08/1942 the riots are getting worse, troops called out. Went on field firing and Demolitions.

Convoy WS 17/17B Clyde to Bombay. (16 March 1942 - 16 May 1942). My father sailed on Nieuw Holland a Dutch registered 1927, 11,066 ton ship, which he listed as HMS Holland in his diary. Hieuw Holland was listed as:- Liverpool 20/03/42 Independent Clyde 22/03/42 Freetown 11/06/42 Capetown 27/04/42 Clyde 21/03/42 WS.17 (Oversay - Freetown) Freetown 06/04/42 WS.17B (Freetown - Capetown) Capetown 23/04/42 WS.17 (Oversay - Freetown) WS.17B (Freetown - Capetown) Bombay 16/05/42 Hieuw Holland, Brazil, Clan Macdonald, Dunedin Star, Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt, Kina ll, Mormactide, (Monterey and Windsor Castle) detached from the convoy and arrived in Bombay 16 May 1942. The convoy WS 17 assembled off Oversay 23/03/1942, with the final departure being made from Liverpool and the Clyde. Abosso, Almanzora, Arundel Castle, Bhutan, Cameronia, City of Edinburg, City of Lincoln, Clan Macdonald, Dominion Monarch, Dutchess of Atholl, Dunedin Star, Empress of Russia, Franconia, Glaucus, HMS Adamant, HMS Karanja, HMS Keren, Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt, Kina Il, Large Bay, Leopoldville, Mataroa, Nieuw Holland, Orion, Oronsay, Port Wyndham, Rembrandt, Samaria, Sobieski, Tamora, Winsor Castle. Destroyer escorts during the passage were:- Active, Antelope, Anthony, Badsworth, Boadicea Beverley, Croome, Exmoor, Inconstant, Javelin, Keppel, Leamington, Newport, Packenham, Rockingham, Volunteer and Wild Swan. Aircraft carrier Illustrious. Cruisers HMS Ardent, Dauntless, Shropshire. Armed merchant cruiser Alacantra. Corvettes, Beverly, Commandant Detroyat, Commandant Drogou, Hydrangea and Newport. out The convoy then split into two sections WS 17 and WS 17B with convoy WS 17B, Abosso, Almanza, Arundell Castle, Cameronia, City of Edinburgh, City of London, Dunedin Star, Empress of Russia, Franconia, Glaucus, HMS Adamant, Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt, Kina ll, Leopoldville, Mataroa, Nieuw Holland, Orion, Samaria and Tamora, sailing of Freetown on 11/04/42 for the remaining passage to South Africa. With the convoys arrival at Capetown on 23/04/42, exept for the Emperess of Russia, Franconia and Mataroa which went on to Durban. Convoy WS 17 sailed out of Capetown on 27/04/42 and then from Durban on 1st May to be joined by new ships from Port Elizabeth these were American ships, Brazil, Marmactide and Monterey. After the final rendezvous the convoy was numbered C (Capetown), D (Durban) and P (Port Elizabeth) to indicate the South African ports from which they had sailed. The convoy finally arrived at Bombay on 16 May 1942 with no losses except for the destroyer Newport which returned to port and finally sailed to Liverpool for repairs as a result of a collision with the destroyer Beverley.
Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda.
'Fe ddaw haul ar fryn unwaith eto'

Happy Christmas and keep safe in the New Year, one and all.
From Wikipedia

The monument consists of a cast bronze sculpture of three Commandos in characteristic dress complete with cap comforter, webbing and rifle, standing atop a stone plinth looking south towards Ben Nevis. The soldier at the front is thought to depict Commando Jack Lewington who frequently attended Remembrance Services at the monument during his lifetime. One of the other two soldiers is Frank Nicholls (rank unknown) the other is regimental sergeant major Sidney Hewlett. Originally from the Welsh guards but hand picked to be one of the founding NCOs of the commandos he was also held in high regard and noted several times by Eisenhower. The entire monument is 17 feet (5.2 metres) tall.The monument has been variously described as a huge, striking and iconic statue.

"United we conquer" is inscribed around the top of the stone plinth, while the original plaque on the stone plinth reads: "In memory of the officers and men of the commandos who died in the Second World War 1939?1945. This country was their training ground."


Pete, over thirty years ago we visited the landing beaches of Normandy from Le Havre to Cherbourg. In those days you could roam at will all the sites, bunkers, museums fom Pegasus (where as a young man a paratrooper from here in Blaenau landed by glider) told St mēre Ēgise, which was an eye opener for our two daughters, who many years later appreciated what they had seen and why we had taken them there (no graffiti in those days). The more Memorials to remind the future generations of how and why and at what cost their freedom were gained the better.

With eternal thanks to all who set off at 06.00 this morning 77 years ago today, and those of the airborne troops that would begin their invasion of Europe by glider and parachute at 23.00 hrs this evening, also to all that would follow onto the Normandy beaches and beyond, who gave 'their today for our tomorrow'.

Go tell the Spartans,
Though that passeth by,
That faithful to their precepts,
Here we lie.

Nick, He's in good company.
Just wondering is he no 30 in the photo of Officers and NCO's of No1 Commando taken in Irvine 1942?



Where did they serve after their departure from Dolwyddelan.
If you have Sky. On sky history hd tonight at 7 pm and history plus at 8 pm ( Commando raid on Vaagso).
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