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Hi, i am trying to find more information on my dear Grandads time in the war. He spoke little of it but we do have his records and his medals to go on. I have attached a pic of him (on the right, he doesnt look very happy)

We know he was on the AA guns and spent time in Sicily, Egypt and Holland. I have no idea what troop he was in or his Commando number (i assume he would have one).

Edward George Say
CHX 102914 Chatham division.
Enlisted 15Th March 41

Mobile Naval Base Defence Organisation
15th march 41 - 15th april 44

Boscawen (Turtle) = HMS Boscawen at Portland where his records were being held although he was actually serving at HMS Turtle at Poole. I believe this is related to the D-Day landings.
10 april 44 - 7th AUg 44

Royal Marines Training Group
8th Aug 44 - 13th Feb 45

Odyssey (NP 2402)
Odyssey admin building/stone frigate NP Naval Party
14th Feb 45 - 25th July 45

Odyssey (NP2402) = HMS Odyssey (shore establishment, Portsmouth), where his records were held whilst serving in Naval Party 2402

2402 MOBILE LANDING CRAFT ADVANCED BASE Number 3 (*formed DRAGONFLY/to Antwerp 02.45/Op with Force U/Bornhem 04.45/Nijmegen/ to DRAGONFLY 06.06.45 - PAID OFF 08.45*) Bornhem, near Antwerp 25.02 -03.45/Nijimegen 04-05.45/DRAGONFLY 06-07.45/disbanded 08.45

Ports Division
26th July 45 - 18 Aug 45

Royal Marines Training Group (Visiting Officer)
20 Aug 45 - 12th Sept 45

Chahtam Division
13 Sept 45 - 14 Nov 45

His medals:
-1939 to 1945 Star
-The Italy Star
-France and Germany Star
-Defence Medal
-War Medal 1939 to 1945
-Africa Star
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Hello Smudge

Unlike today in WW2 not all Royal Marines were Commandos. In February 1942 the very first Royal Marine Commando unit of the Royal Marines was raised. Over the next 2 years several more were formed. Other Royal Marines served on big ships, crewed landing craft, served in Armoured Support units, etc. One of those non commando units of the Royal Marines was the Mobile Naval Base Defence Organisation (MNBDO). There were two. One of them was heavily involved at Crete and suffered many casualties. A document about MNBDO1 is here:
If you enter MNBDO in the Google search box above you will see many other enquiries about the MNBDO.
After he finished in MNBDO his service goes to HMS Turtle which was a Combined Operations training establishment - assault gunnery school. This fits in with his earlier service you mentioned as a gunner. He then joins the MOLCAB (Mobile Landing Craft Advanced Base) of the Royal Marines, again not commando, and the dates fit in with the advance to Germany and the crossing of the River Rhine. Here is a bit about them in the Reichswald Forest:

A very good website about the Royal Navy and Royal Marines of Combined Operations is here:

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Pete Rogers, son of LSgt Joe Rogers MM & nephew of TSM Ken McAllister. Both No2 Commando.
God and the Soldier, all men adore, In time of danger and not before.
When the danger is passed and all things righted, God is forgotten, and the Soldier slighted.

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