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Norman Clack 45 Commando Malaya and Palestine  XML
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Here are some pictures from my collection of photographs of my grandfathers Royal Marine service in Malaya and Palestine. I'm afraid I cannot provide much information surrounding the pictures as these were obtained only after he passed away and so I've taken what was written on the back from my grandfather to his mother.

(May 1947 on the Dakota pics should be 1948 I imagine, given the units history).
[Thumb - Grandad_Dakota_flight.JPG]
 Filename Grandad_Dakota_flight.JPG [Disk] Download
 Description "On board the second wave of Dakotas heading to Haifa from Benghazi, May 1947"
 Filesize 25 Kbytes
 Downloaded:  452 time(s)

[Thumb - Grandad_Briefing.JPG]
 Filename Grandad_Briefing.JPG [Disk] Download
 Description 'Briefing May 1950'
 Filesize 151 Kbytes
 Downloaded:  456 time(s)

[Thumb - Grandad_Bren_Group.JPG]
 Filename Grandad_Bren_Group.JPG [Disk] Download
 Description This is my Bren group, wading ankle deep up a stream mam, four grand guys who never complain, we had been out two days here.'
 Filesize 30 Kbytes
 Downloaded:  461 time(s)

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Continuation of pictures.
[Thumb - Grandad_Disembark_at_Palestine.JPG]
 Filename Grandad_Disembark_at_Palestine.JPG [Disk] Download
 Description Disembarking at Haifa
 Filesize 51 Kbytes
 Downloaded:  474 time(s)

[Thumb - Grandad_Radio_Set.JPG]
 Filename Grandad_Radio_Set.JPG [Disk] Download
 Description "Don't blame me for the grim look, Mam, this little set is more obstinate than a mule."
 Filesize 41 Kbytes
 Downloaded:  460 time(s)

[Thumb - Grandad_Grandad_and_Steve.JPG]
 Filename Grandad_Grandad_and_Steve.JPG [Disk] Download
 Description Norman Clack with a man only identified as 'Steve'
 Filesize 40 Kbytes
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The last two.

Hope that they can be of use to people in any way. :)
[Thumb - Grandad_Some_Climb_eh.JPG]
 Filename Grandad_Some_Climb_eh.JPG [Disk] Download
 Description "Some climb, eh?"
 Filesize 29 Kbytes
 Downloaded:  438 time(s)

[Thumb - Grandad_Scout_Car.JPG]
 Filename Grandad_Scout_Car.JPG [Disk] Download
 Description Scout car, location and date unknown I'm afraid.
 Filesize 30 Kbytes
 Downloaded:  478 time(s)

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These are marvellous! Thank you for posting them.

I love the captions - really special, to be treasured.

If I have praised my comrades too highly I make no apology, for they were beyond all praise.

Lord Lovat - No 4 Commando
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Thank you for the photos. Can you confirm in the briefing photo, and in the photo of your Grandfather and another, exactly which man he is in the image just so we get it right. Additionally if you provide your full name we will credit the photos to you in the gallery...we cannot credit a username.

Pete Rogers, son of LSgt Joe Rogers MM & nephew of TSM Ken McAllister. Both No2 Commando.
God and the Soldier, all men adore, In time of danger and not before.
When the danger is passed and all things righted, God is forgotten, and the Soldier slighted.

**** nb. I no longer monitor the pm facility ****
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